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Who are you guys ?

We are a group of students and friends who have decided to work as a woman only escort agency in Israel. We are all true native Israeli boys, Jewish who wish to meet interesting women from all around the world and give them a relaxing great time in Israel.

What will I get for my money with the male escort ?

Whatever you want, we will give you. Our guys will fulfill all your deepest desires and fantasies as well as being a great companion and someone you can actually talk to and will listen. We can also help you find the true and real Israel; our guys can take you out for a great night of dancing in Tel-Aviv or a moon-light walk in the Judah desert.

If all I want is just a massage ?

Our guys are a very good masseur, we can deliver a relaxing massage by beautiful boys, just for you. Massage only. It can be a sensual massage though.

What if when the guy arrives I decide to cancel the meeting ?

No problem at all, things might have happen. You can cancel the meeting at anytime paying only the taxi fee (approximately 10 percent of the full price)

What about my privacy ?

We are very discreet with a very high clientele. We will protect your privacy at any cause and we do not keep records of your phone call and contacts.

Can I actually rent you as a tour guide ?

Yes you can. We can be your tour guide in Israel, showing you things you will never be able to see with any other "regular" tour guide.

Where can we meet ?

At your hotel room / apartment or even in a public place in order to get to know each other like a café or bar. If you do not have accommodation, we can provide you a discreet place in a fair price for the meeting.

At which areas in Israel do you work ?

Basically we work all over Israel, you can call us also if you are in Kiryat-Shmone, but eventually most of are escorts is based in the main cities, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat, Beer-Sheva and recently also the Dead-Sea area.

What if I am located outside the big cities ?

Although our agency is based in the big cities of Israel (Tel-Aviv,Haifa,Jerusalem etc') we provide service all over Israel, from the Golan Heights to the Negev and Eilat.

Is prostitution legal in Israel ?

Yes, Prostitution is legal in Israel. You have no worries calling a male escort, or a male call guy here in Israel.

What about striptease show and bachelorette parties or hens night ?

We do not do bachelorette parties or hens night since they are not intimate enough and don't show our full sexual potential, but I will be happy to dance a sensual striptease just for you ...

Where is the Agency Located ?

Our male gigolos in Israel come from all over true israel, we have boys who gives escorts services to ladies in Gush-Tefen and an Israeli male gigolo in Eilat. Don't let the location be your problem, Israel is so small that our guys will be able to satisfy any girl where ever she might be.

How do you consider yourself, Gigolos, Male Escort ?

We consider ourselves as a companion for women and ladies, as gentlemen and as a friend, someone to be with and to enjoy the time with in all aspects, as well as sexual and intellectual. Israeli guys are rough and direct, and that's what we are, but beneath this tough look (and great looking guys) you may find a real gem.

Renting a guy for a night, are you also serving couples ?

Yes. We do serve couples as a call boy. If you are an intersting couple, just give me a call and will be glad to server you. Although we are straight we can enjoy with two guys and a lady. That can be one having fun and the other one is watching. We can switch. If it's your boyfriend or your husband that does not matter. We can do double penetration wild to more tranquil four hands massage.

What can we do together ?

Everything !. ;-) Yes we really do mean that. From regular classic sex, massage, a nice bath together. We can also make sure you will have lovely company for dinner and someone to talk to and put your shoulder on. We also do more hardcore, like striptease and bachelorette nights, hens nights, role playing games, our guys can be your boy-toy, your doctor, your lover and even your slave. We have also practice BDSM in both ways, switch, as a master and as a slave. So it is for you to decide, what do you like more?

Do you practice safe sex ?

Of course. Everything we do - we do with protection. Safe-sex only as well as a very high level of hygiene.

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We want to wish you all a great time and fun visiting Israel. And please don't be afraid to try us. Israeli boyfriend for a night.

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