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Swingers in Israel

We host the Swingers in Israel association. The swingers life style is not part of, but it appears here only for a matter of information.

If you are searching for a Swingers party, dogging or other alternative lifestyle events, you are more than welcome to contact us, and we will arrange the meeting.
Swingers in Israel are not paid for sexual contacts events. Its a gather around people who wish to swap and change and spice up their sex life. The entrance it self cost money but those are not working boys or working girls. rather just regular people as your self.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

CFNM Parties

CFNM Parties is the new things around here, and rather a new concept in the lifestyle. CFNM stands for Clothes Female Naked Males. Hence, you as a woman can stay in your clothes and meet naked males. You have no obligation what so ever to do with them. You can just watch, give a nice oral stimulation, touch and more. The CFNM Parties Events takes every month, more or less and you can always join and come, alone or with your female friends and enjoy.

What happens in a CFNM party or a Swingers party in Tel-Aviv. The party usually takes place in a private house or a private discreet apartment. It might be in Haifa, Jerusalem or even a CFNM party or a swingers lovely party in Herzelia. Swingers and CFNM parties in Israel are very sensual and unique. We gather around in the discreet location, you may wear a mask if you want, the atmosphere is very erotic for women and men, allowing them to express their desiers and fulfill their fantasies. All is very safe, using protection and very discreet.

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